Frequently Asked Questions creates websites for businesses of all sizes and we specialise in helping getting businesses online (from ideas to completion) with a minimum of fuss.

We specialise in brochure style websites which often use the WordPress content management system (see further below for an explanation).

Below, you’ll see a list of frequently asked questions we’ve put together to answer the most common questions which arise from new clients. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What can a website do for you?

A website can reach out to new markets or it can help retain your current customers. It can act as a multi page advertisement or it can be an online business that generates its own income. It can act as a meeting place, a resource centre or even entertain. If you need to advertise, inform, sell, communicate or entertain then a website can be built to fit the bill.

An advantage of the web compared to traditional media is availability. The web is available 24 hours a day to a global audience. This creates a golden opportunity to provide valuable information for your customers. A professionally designed website can:

  • act as a multi page advertisement
  • explain the products and services you provide
  • convey branding identity and promote trust
  • develop customer loyalty through the provision of services
  • provide contact information or direct contact through email

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What’s a domain name?

Your domain name is the address where internet users can find you on the web, for example, It can also be used for your email addresses (e.g.

It is increasingly difficult to register a catchy domain name so a little imagination is sometimes required.

Domain names

There are certain rules regarding who can register certain types of domain. For example, ‘’ domains are reserved for UK government use.

Other domains such as ‘.org’ are intended for non-profit making organisations but in reality can be registered by anyone.

Here are some other useful facts and tips to bear in mind when choosing an appropriate domain name:

  • Go for a name that closely reflects your brand, the name of your business or the services you provide.
  • Choose an appropriate domain type. For example, (or is perfect for businesses with a target audience in the UK, whilst .com is better for global (and American) businesses.  This choice can affect your visibility on search engines. Avoid using inappropriate domain types.
  • It will help if your domain name can be easily communicated verbally (and be easily spelled).
  • Wherever possible, avoid the use of hyphens.
  • Short domain names are favourable.
  • Be careful that multiple words don’t form new words when placed together. E.g (Children’s Wear) and (Choose Spain).

Your choice of domain name can be a critical factor to the success of your website.

How to register a domain name

Register domain names with 123 Reg

123-Reg is our recommended domain name registrar. Use their website to check domain name availability and to register domain names (inexpensively). can register and manage domain names (for clients), if preferred.
We always recommend that new clients discuss their choice of domain name with us before proceeding.

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What’s web hosting?

All the files which make up your website will be stored on one or more computers called web servers. These are continuously connected to the internet, allowing surfers to access your website day and night.

The server computer is also sometimes referred to as the host for your website. These computers serve up your web pages to your visitors and ensure it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Website hosting services (the Gyron Data Centre)

The web hosting requirements for any website vary according to the technology used to create it. The standard of the service can vary greatly from one company to the next. The speed and reliability of service are crucial, as is the level of customer support provided. The provision of email account services is also usually provided as part of the hosting service. works with a number of carefully selected web hosting companies to ensure that all our customers receive a reliable and professional hosting service. We host all the websites which we manage for our clients.

We also offer complimentary support and advice to clients who host their website with us – something which our smaller business clients value very highly.

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Do you need a Content Management System (CMS)?

Yes, if you want to update your web pages yourself or you require a blog/news page.

Content managed websites are extremely popular. Google loves websites with fresh, frequently updated, high value content.

The WordPress LogoHowever, not every website can or needs to be updated frequently and some clients don’t have the time or resources to update it themselves. In these circumstances, can update your website for you, providing a far more reliable, prompt and cost-effective solution. But where a CMS powered website is appropriate, the rewards can be high.

CMS websites are a more complex type of website to set up and therefore, the design costs are slightly higher and some training is usually required. They also require more maintenance to upkeep, as it’s essential that your CMS is kept up to date to safeguard against security issues and to provide new features and upgrades. provides a maintenance service which fulfills this. is a specialist in the design of the WordPress content management system, now the most popular choice across the globe. This means there’s plenty of help and support available, plus, for peace of mind, your website can be easily moved from one supplier to another.

If you’d like to know more about WordPress, read our WordPress Websites page for more information.

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What do I need to supply for you to build a website?

Because you know your business and market best, your input is valuable to designing an effective website. Generally we supply you with a list of necessary items but we leave the amount of control in the design process up to you.

It will save you time and money if you have any of the following items:

  • Branding (logos, colours and guidelines)
  • Text content
  • Photography and imagery
  • Ideas and inspiration
  • Any other printed examples of branding and advertising

Your branding (visual identity) should be in place before designing your website (or producing any other marketing media). This is best dealt with by a professional graphic designer, whom we can recommend.

If your business does not have the time or the resources, we can take care of all the content for you. This usually involves the assistance of a professional copywriter or photographer but of course there are additional costs for these services.

Depending on your requirements and budget, we will recommend the use of our partnered professionals who include graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, developers, programmers, search engine optimisation specialists and online marketing professionals.

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How long does it take to build a website?

DiaryEvery website varies enormously in requirements and complexity. Each website project is carefully appraised to calculate the estimated hours required to complete the project. We also take into account client deadlines and existing commitments.
An average brochure style multi-page website takes between 4-6 weeks to complete. Since every project is implemented in close partnership with our clients, the role of our client in the project is often a dictating factor. It’s a team effort.

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How much does a website cost?

1. Web design and development

A typical web design project costs from £1,000 for a WordPress powered website.

But whatever your budget, we always recommend that you get in touch and discuss your requirements with us. We will try and accommodate any budget wherever possible. Everyone’s requirements are different.

When asked ‘how much will a website cost’, we normally explain that this is much like asking a builder ‘how much does it cost to build a house’. It really depends on your expectations, requirements – and ultimately, your budget.

Websites vary considerably in size and complexity and so does the time – and therefore, the cost to build them. In a nutshell, you are paying for the time involved in building the website and the level of expertise required to make it work. Options to achieve your website objectives can be discussed by telephone to provide you with a guide price.

After your project is fully appraised (usually by meeting with you), a more accurate cost will be supplied. A project proposal document is drafted for most projects, defining the critical aspects and costs.

2. Website hosting and maintenance

(See What is Web Hosting? above for an explanation of this service)

  • Standard (£120 per year)
    For non-WordPress websites
  • WordPress Standard (£240 per year)
    For WordPress websites
  • WordPress Ultra (£300 per year)
    Our enhanced platform for WordPress websites, optimised for performance
  • WordPress Unlimited (£420 per year)
    Our ultimate WordPress hosting package, as for Ultra – but no limits!

    3. Updating your website content

    • If your website is powered by WordPress, you’ll be able to update the page content yourself using a web-based friendly interface. Comprehensive training can be provided as part of the initial design project. This option is best when content is likely to change frequently.
    • Alternatively we can update your website for you. We operate a very cost-effective system where clients purchase service time from us in advance and we keep a record of every update made. Most minor text changes and image changes will rarely take more than 10 minutes. As soon as the time is used up, more can be purchased, ready for future updates.

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