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Windows 10 – arriving this Summer, a free upgrade

Microsoft Windows 10 logo

Microsoft announced that the next version of Windows, version 10 is coming this Summer, earlier than we all expected. And, for a year after launch, it will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, a big carrot to entice users to get on board quickly.

The current version, Windows 8 has been very poorly received and many have tried to stick with Windows 7 wherever possible. Microsoft’s drive to offer a single operating system for both traditional desktop computers and touch screen tablets has been far from successful, though in truth, Windows 8 has included big improvements which have been overshadowed.

The removal of the Start button and Start Menu, forcing users to jolt across to a full screen, tablet friendly menu (previously known as Metro) has been the biggest bugbear. But there are other complaints.

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 will see major compromises and hooray, the return of the traditional Start Menu. As pictured below, Microsoft appear to have amalgamated the best of both worlds and it looks very promising.

One of the major reasons Microsoft are so keen to get everyone onto Windows 10 is to roll out the Windows Store, which copies the successful Apple App Store on iTunes by offering users an easy way to download new software. Apple charges 30% commission on every single app it sells, so if Microsoft’s Windows Store takes off, it will become a huge income stream for Microsoft.

“Apple announced that the first week of January set a new record for billings from the App Store℠ with customers around the world spending nearly half a billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases” – Apple Press Info

What do we think?

In our opinion Windows 7 is currently the best ‘rock solid’ version of Windows available and we’ll be hesitant to move on. However, if Windows 8 didn’t offer such a jarring user interface, it wouldn’t be so bad at all.

Pushing the boundaries somewhat, I’ve been using Windows 8 on a ten year old laptop (originally installed with Windows Vista) and it’s definitely stable and nippy to use. Don’t forget that the hardware requirements for Windows haven’t changed significantly for a long time, so nowadays even an older PC can benefit from a newer version of Windows. Of course, it never used to be like that.

If Windows 10 can overcome the significant user interface issues and offer continued stability, speed and security features, it will surely be a winner.

You’ll have a year to upgrade for free so perhaps the best option (as ever) will be to hang back initially and let everyone else be the guinea pigs. Once it proves to be the predicted success it deserves to be, there’ll still be plenty of time to upgrade from 7 or 8. It’s going to be exciting.

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