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Thunder flys invading screens…

Thunder FlyAfter several years of poor Summer weather, last year turned out to be a fantastic Summer here in North Norfolk (although not so great in other parts of the UK). Yes, we DID get the promised ‘barbecue Summer’ last year. And this year, we’re having another spectacular Summer, although the lack of rainfall hasn’t been appreciated by gardeners and farmers.

So why I have taken to the that old English favourite, discussing the weather? And how does technology come into this? Well, during this hot Summer, there’s a tendency to use laptops outside (or in areas exposed to outside). And, here’s the problem:

From personal experience, backed up by countless similar experiences shared online, it’s seems very common for thunder flys (also known as ‘thrips‘) to crawl under the top layer of laptop screens. Once under the screen layers, they can usually be seen crawling around for a short while (like a mobile comma!) until eventually they die and become a permanent feature. Of course, you may have seen the same problem with picture frames.

If you do ever notice a thunder fly crawling around your screen, the best advice is to switch the screen off and hope that the thunder fly walks away of it’s own accord (they’re attracted to the heat and light). Don’t squish it! Otherwise, it will certainly be there forever. Maybe, aiming a lamp towards the edge of the screen may help to lure the thunder fly out before it inevitably expires in a random location?

Any other tips or advice on this problem are welcome. It seems incredibly common.

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