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“The need for speed” has become a mantra with Google. Now, more than ever, it’s vitally important that your web pages serve up to visitors quickly.

Not only will your website visitors thank you, but Google will also reward your pages with a little bit of extra Google goodness, giving your pages an advantage in search engine results pages. Most visitors to your website are impatient and will soon press the ‘back’ button if your pages are slow to load.

WP Rocket - faster websites

If your website is powered by WordPress strong consideration should be given to employing a ‘caching’ plug-in such as WP Rocket to speed up your pages. On all the pages we’ve tested this on, there’s been a significant increase in speed.

How does WP Rocket speed up your pages?

1. Page caching. Caching ensures that visitors can access web pages at far higher speeds. Caching involves generating and storing a ready-made static version of your website on your server ready to display to visitors at a moment’s notice.

2. File optimisation (minification and concatenation). Minification removes any spaces and comments present in your website files. This mechanism reduces the weight of each file and allows a faster reading of browsers and search engines. Concatenation combines all CSS and JavaScript files. This mechanism reduces the number of HTTP requests and improves the loading time.

3. Lazyload. Displays images on a page only when they become visible to the user. Images are only loaded up as the user scrolls down the page. This means your pages load quicker and you save unnecessary bandwidth consumption.

See the results

You can test any web page for speed using Google’s free online web page testing tool.

Here’s an example of the “before and after” results which can be achieved following full optimization (including moving to a responsive/mobile friendly design):

Speed test results - before

Speed test results - after

If you’re not already using a caching plug-in on your WordPress powered website, you could be “missing a trick”.

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