Dealing with Bandwidth Warning Messages

Tap runningBandwidth is a measure of website and email traffic (consumed data) – usually caused by visitors to your web pages.

Your hosting level will determine the amount of monthly bandwidth allocated to your domain and this can be upgraded when required. Bandwidth levels reset at the beginning of every calendar month.

Influencing factors include the size of your website (amount of content), type of content (images are much greater in size than text), as well as the number of visitors to the website.

However, a growing bandwidth statistic usually suggests a successful website and therefore, though there may be a minor increase to your hosting cost, this is usually celebrated.

Email traffic also contributes towards your bandwidth usage. So if you send lots of very large attached files, this can also be a contributory factor.

NB – Warning Emails: The server will automatically send bandwidth warnings to your contact email address when your domain reaches various levels of bandwidth consumption (ranging from 70% to 100%).

If you receive a warning email and are concerned that you may not have enough bandwidth capacity for the remainder of the month, please contact us to discuss it further and possible upgrade your hosting.

Otherwise your website and email accounts may cease operation until the start of the next month (when levels reset).

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