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New .co domains could be a waste of time

.co domainsYet another domain type has become available, this time .co – direct from Columbia. Registration companies are hailing it as another ‘must-have’ domain but we’re not so convinced.

Google have just announced that owners of websites using a .co domain will be able to target users internationally. There was speculation that it could only be used to target Columbian markets but this concern has been swept away. Other popular country assigned domains which are able to be used internationally include ‘.me’ (Montenegro) and ‘.tv’ (Tuvalu).

However, we still think this domain type could be very slow to catch on (if at all), in a similar way to the failure of domains such as I can imagine somebody asking for a web address and repeatedly having the same conversation:

“What’s your website address?”
“It’s mybusiness dot co”
“dot what?”
“No, that’s it – just dot co…”

How many times would you have this conversation?

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