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Network Accessible Storage offers constant backup and accessibility at modest prices

Netgear RND2000 ReadyNAS DuoGrowing small businesses (especially home based) often eventually require data to be accessible from a handful of computers. In the early days of a business, this usually means data is stored on a nominated dominant PC. The hard disk of this PC is accessed via a network (usually with the wired/wireless router).

This is fine for a short while but data can be slow to access from other PCs and regular backups of critical data (usually to an external hard disk) should be performed. In many cases, pressure on time and resources can lead to backups being overlooked, with disastrous consequences (see Back up your data before it’s too late).

If any of this description applies to you in any capacity (and that includes home users with large photography and music collections), I would urge you to consider the adaptation of Network Accessible Storage. In simplest terms, this means connecting a box containing a stand-alone hard disk to your network via the router, permitting data to be quickly and easily accessed by all your users/family members.

Many such devices allow the installation of a second hard disk as a backup device. Data can be mirrored between both discs, so if failure occurs in one disk, your data will be recoverable from the mirror disk. This provides a constant backup of your data whilst you work -no more need to keep plugging in the external hard disk and labouredly backing up. In geek talk this is known as a ‘RAID1’ set up.

A good example of one such unit is the Netgear ReadyNAS® Duo, currently available for as little as £135 from Ebuyer. With the simple addition of two new fast 1TB hard disks (currently £50 each), you’ll have lots of room for future storage requirements and an effective backup of your data (with minimal stress and easy operation). If one disk fails, you just add a new one and the data is copied back over from the good disk. And all for less than £250. What price, your data?

For those on a tight budget but with growing storage requirements, this could be a very econominal but safe choice. You can even content a USB printer which can then be printed too by any device on your network at any time (even if all your PCs are switched off). And if you don’t want to set this up yourself, for a modest fee a technician can easily set it up for you. For recommended computer technicians in North Norfolk, contact us.

For a full explanation of this device, view the following You Tube review:

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