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Learn to love Facebook!

I meet a wide cross-section of different people in my profession and social life – different sexes, ages, outlooks and positions in life. One of the most interesting and diverse attitudes is towards our old friend, Facebook.

Youngsters embrace it instantly and can’t imagine a world without it. Those of us in the middle have mixed opinions but largely embrace it. After all we were around when the ZX Spectrum arrived 30 years ago. And at the upper echelons of the age bracket, some love it as much as teenagers whilst others can’t see the attraction at all – ‘I don’t need Facebook. I live in the real world. What a load of nonsense’.

I’m not too bothered about any of this but I’m fascinated by those who claim to despise Facebook.

Yes, if you’re crazy for it, you can spend all day (every day) reading about your friends and family. But on the other hand, you can take it or leave it. Owning a Facebook account doesn’t condemn you to logging in continuously.

And if you dip in occasionally (in one of those bored moments) you could find it quite interesting to catch up with those hordes of people who have appeared in your life and met your approval of being a ‘friend’. Sometimes it’s great to just flick through their photos.

Just be very selective about who you add as a friend. And occasionally, have a cull on your Facebook friends (they don’t get notified). And when you receive a friend request, never feel obliged to automatically say yes – if they don’t fit your criteria, just ignore them.

There’s one thing for certain; if you want to maintain contact with those special people you’ve encountered in your life, Facebook offers the best chance of doing this. E-mail addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses can change frequently and become lost, but being friends on Facebook can be forever.

And even the Facebook advertising isn’t so bad. I rarely click an advert on Google search pages but find the Facebook adverts much more alluring. Is the targeting such a bad thing? How else are we going to know about the wonderful products invented for us?

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