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Beware of Email Spoofing

Email SecurityUnfortunately, phishing emails continue to blight our lives and we advise you to be constantly on your guard about clicking links or opening attachments in unsolicited emails.

We now offer free server-side spam filtering with all our hosting packages and this can be very effective at keeping malicious emails at bay. If you would like to activate spam filtering for your hosting account, get in touch. And of course, do not use any computer devices, without up-to-date virus protection in place.

We’ve also encountered instances where client businesses have been spoofed. Email spoofing is the creation and sending of email messages with a forged sender address. Typically, these look like an unpaid invoice (usually an attached zip file) from a legitimate company who know nothing about it.

Clients soon become aware of the problem when emails and telephone calls begin flooding in about supposedly unpaid invoices (or similar). The attached zip file will usually unleash malicious software and viruses if opened.

Email Spoofing

If your business becomes victim to email spoofing, i.e. emails are sent out supposedly from yourself, please contact us immediately and report the matter to the police. It usually means adding an announcement to your homepage, warning recipients to ignore any such emails. Also, we can deploy a technique known as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) which should alleviate the ensuing problems.

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