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Domain Registry Scams

Have you received a letter in the post from the ‘Domain Registry of America’ (DRoA), urging you to pay them for renewing your domain name? The communication looks like a bill and tries to scare you with “Your registration will expire on May 10, 2009. Act today!”.

This tactic is often referred to as Domain Slamming. There are many variations and there are no doubt similar scams operated by other companies. This is almost certainly a scam in most cases. There is no need for you to renew now, and certainly not with the DRoA.

Header from a Domain Renewal Scam Letter

Responsibility for renewing your domain name will usually lie with Some clients prefer to maintain their own renewals directly and use their own appointed registrar. Letters such as the above are attempting to take ownership of this responsibility through devious means. Please avoid at all costs.

If you receive any communications relating to your domain, your website or marketing opportunities and you are uncertain how to proceed, we whole heartedly recommend that you allow us to review it before making any firm commitments.

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