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Good web content isn’t a luxury – it’s essential

Don’t make the mistake of spending your entire budget on the design of your website only to forget about the text. Even on a fantastic looking website badly written web copy will turn off customers and lose you business.

It’s not just the more common spelling mistakes and errors in grammar you need to be aware of:

  • Is your written content talking to YOUR customers?
  • Is it TAILORED to the demographic you’re aiming for?
  • Does it tell your customers WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR or only what you think they want to know?

Copywriters can supply effective website text which, as well as getting your key messages across, is keyword rich to help with that all important Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To see more and learn about copywriting services visit the website of one of our favourite copywriters, Nigel Woollsey:


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