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Blast the dust from your PC!

A dirty PC with a can of Dust-offI often visit clients who don’t have the luxury of a dedicated in-house IT technician.  As a result of this, PCs are often not serviced regularly, if at all. Nor are any basic ‘housekeeping’ tasks undertaken.

One particular issue which all PC owners can take charge of themselves relates to the cleanliness of the inside of their computer box. These can be easily accessed by undoing a few screws (or latches) and once every 6 months it’s a good idea to ‘jet blast’ the interior components and circuit boards with a pressurised air canister. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner! There are dedicated products for doing this. These can be purchased online and from the obvious outlets such as Maplins and PC World.

Computers require a constant flow of air to keep temperatures at a safe working level. However as the fans constantly pass air through the machine, this inevitably builds the interior up with dust and all sorts of other rubbish (e.g. pet hairs and dead insects).

If the detritus is permitted to build up it could eventually cause operational problems and lead to overheating. In some cases it could pose a serious fire risk.

When did you last clean the inside of your PC?

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