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All services are operating correctly.

Services operating correctly

Scheduled Maintenance
From Sunday 10 September 23.30PM BST
To Monday 11 September 04.30AM BST

In the early hours of Monday 11 September we need to replace the PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that your hosting server connects to. The PDU is where your server receives power from. This is an essential maintenance to guarantee future stability of the server.

In order to do this safely, we need to power down all servers in the rack, swap out the PDUs and then bring the servers back online in a controlled manner.

We expect downtime to be around 20-30 minutes. However the server may require a FSCK (file system check) on reboot which can take several hours. Unfortunately there is no way to predict FSCKs in advance or to prevent it happening. Should your server undergo FSCK then the scheduled downtime will be extended to several hours.

Please be assured that we will carry out the work as quickly as possible.

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